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Monday, November 10, 2008

A day of firsts!

YAY, I lost 3 pounds this week without even dieting...AWESOME, I LOVE NOT DIETING!

Breakfast at 7:30 am started with this glorious bowl of 1/2 C. steel-cut oats, 1/2 C. whipped cottage cheese, sprinkle of sliced almonds & 2 strawberries for garnish....ohhh and cinnamon of course! YUMMY!  
Mid-morning snack: 9:45 am  small fuji apple & slice of turkey
Lunch 12pm:  well, I had planned to eat the wrap I had, but I was at a work meeting with the director and he ordered me lunch so I felt obligated to eat it.  It wasn't the best thing I could have eaten, but wasn't the worst either so oh well.  On the past I would have said, "well, I didn't eat what I planned and it wasn't perfect so the rest of the day is a FREE DAY"!  Bad thinking!  not today though, I ate the delicious turkey sub on wheat with extra dressings (who knows how much) & moved on and then was hungry again for my snack this afternoon!  I am proud of myself for not blowing the rest of the day :)

Mid-Afternoon snack 3pm:  1/2 C. nutty granola that I whipped up yesterday, so good and oh so chewy!
Dinner 5:15: this is what I plan to eat the rest of the night before my meeting.  1 La Factoria Tortilla low-carb wrap with 2 slices tirkey, bell pepper, lettuce, cucumber, mustard, pepper.    I also had a plate of steamed broccoli for extra filling since i have to go back to work for another meeting :( 
I love these wraps!  They are so soft and delish & only 100 cals in the large size!
then a few minutes after din I was still so hungry & needed something more so I had a Lt N' Fit yogurt topped with granola, not bad but then i think I probably consumed another entire cup of granola!  ahhh way too much, its so addicting for me.  I am going to start combining it with a more complete protein when I eat it so I get more full.  LESSON LEARNED!  At least I wasn't tempted by the deep fried mexican food at the meeting since I had already eaten what I use to call "bad food" & then caved in and ate whatever I felt the rest of the day :)
Dessert: after the meeting, mmm....my fave!  1/2 C whipped cottage cheese + 12 blueberries
Bon appetite!

EXERCISE:  I LOVE TO START MY DAY WITH EXSC!  Here's what my routine consisted of....
Cardio & Weights Circuit:
4 minute warmup on the the stair climber
shoulders/triceps day:
1. machine lateral raises 50lbs x 12 reps
dips 60lbs x 12 reps

2. seated shoulder press 15lbs. x 12
seated triceps ext. 20lbs. x 12

3. lateral raises 8 lbs. x 12
triceps kickbacks 10lbs. x 12
4. front raises 10lbs. x 12
triceps pushdowns 35lbs. x 12
End with 10 minutes on stair climber.  my cardio was short today thanks to starting work :)


Martha said...

I found your site from Jenna's and even though I'm 63 and exercise limited I enjoy the upbeat side of your blog. Her site has definitely changed my eating habits and helped me lose 32 pounds so far by paying attention to my body. I look forward to reading yours also. Good Luck.

EatMoveWin said...

thanks so much for the nice comment! You really gave me some much needed encouragement today! DO you have a blog?

Anonymous said...

cute blog & awesome attitude towards life!!!!!!!!

<3'ed your comment on my blog - too sweet!

Martha said...

Jennifer, I don't have a blog but quite a few that I read have been very uplifting and have helped me normalize my own body. I now know it's not about weight but how our brain sees our body and I finally feel normal even though I still weigh 170- I know it is coming off and will stay off this time. Best of luck and I wish I learned this when I was 15 years old.